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of God

Available in Red Oak or Ash with a wax finish.

Shown: Painted Wax Finish on Red Oak

Dimensions 85” h x 20”d x 30”w

The Ark of God is crafted using steam beaming technology.

In discovering how furniture can speak to the nature of God, I was determined to find ways in which I can “reset” art and design relating to religion. When one thinks of Jesus or God, their minds instantly refer to grand cathedrals or beautiful paintings that depict Biblical scenes. They think about a building rather than an actual person. I wanted to break away from this traditional way of thinking about God and unpack the nature of God, who is a person, not a building, nor an object. I experimented with different forms to represent my message. To create this ark, I started off with a wide expanse leading to a narrow opening, focusing on a centralized point in the piece. This idea comes from finding that place with God, outside of all the traditions of religion, where it's just you and Him. This ark represents a place of intimacy, closeness, and oneness with the Lord. It's a place of security and protection for those who want to separate from the world and discover the center of God's heart.

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