of God

Available in Red Oak or Ash with a wax finish.

Shown: Painted Wax Finish on Red Oak

Dimensions 85” h x 20”d x 30”w

The Ark of God is crafted using steam beaming technology.

In discovering how furniture can speak to the divinity of God, I was determined to find ways in which I can “reset” art and design relating to God after so much has happened in the service of religion. I experimented with different forms to represent my message. Breaking away from traditional art and design relating to Jesus, I used forms to create a tunnel: a wide expanse leading to narrow opening, focusing on a centralized point in the piece. This idea eludes to the divinity of God by focusing on one centralized point. I used steam bending to create a natural flow within the wood.

© 2020 by Tiarra Bell.

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