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Available in Oak or Ash with an ebonized gold leaf finish.

Shown: Ebodnized Wax Finish on Ash & Gold Leaf.


The Dependency Mirror is crafted to perfection using a variety of woodworking and hand-sculpting techniques.

This piece represents depending on the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross. Before Jesus died on the cross for sins, animals were sacrificed for one's sins. The person who sinned would place their hands on the head of a perfect and flawless animal which is symbolic to them transferring their sins to the animal. Then that animal would be killed and sacrificed on the altar. But animals only temporarily covered sin, the priest had to continually offer sacrifices each time someone sinned. But Jesus was sent as a more perfect sacrifice to die for sins once and for all. After Jesus was crucified there was no longer a need to shed the blood of animals anymore. On that cross, every sin of the world was transferred onto Jesus to save us from spiritual death. This piece is an abstracted version of the cross. The lofted oval form is symbolic of the crucifixion where the sins of the world were placed upon Jesus.

The exterior is ebonized ash, which represents the dark and gruesome moments on the cross but the interior shell is layered with gold leaf symbolic of the saving grace that came from the cross. The mirror allows the viewer to examine one's soul.

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