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Available in White Oak or Ash with a wax finish.

Shown: Wax Finish on White Oak

Dimensions: 18” h x 14”d x 12”w

The Healing Chair is handcrafted to perfection using a variety of woodworking techniques. This chair is built using coopered lumber for the base and turned back posts.

This chair was derived from an awareness of emotional wounds that needed healing. Certain situations that arose made me realized what was truly in my heart. Those situations showed me the deep emotional wounds that I thought I was healed from but in reality, I wasn’t. I realized that I was easily offended and that I stored up bitterness and unforgiveness towards certain people. Those feelings were only triggered when I encountered them. In those moments of revelation, I knew that I had to get rid of those toxic emotions. I began researching natural forms such as anthills and salt mines which seem to be small on the surface but they are massive beneath that surface. This symbolizes how problems in life appear small externally but internally the wounds run deep. The base of the chair tapers towards the bottom to fit that theme. The backrest intersects the seat and connects to the base symbolizing the problems that appear both externally but affect the depths of the soul internally.

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