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purity mirror

Available in Panga Panga or Ash with a wax finish.

Shown: Dyed Wax Finish on Panga Panga

Dimensions 40” h x 11”d x 25”w

The Purity Mirror is handcrafted to perfection using a variety of woodworking techniques commonly used in Botswana.


Under the mentorship of Peter Mabeo of Mabeo Furniture located in Botswana, I designed the Purity Mirror is a reflection of the word “purity”. The Purity Mirror is a merge between my Christian beliefs and the Botswana culture. The local craftsmen that work for Mabeo 

Furniture crafted the piece using traditional hand tools and machinery. It has been featured in the 2019 International Contemporary Furniture Show and the 2019 Milan Design Week. Made from the local Panga panga wood in Botswana, the wooden form of the mirror is an abstract interpretation of the sand dunes in the Kalahari Desert. This symbolizes the pure relationship between mankind and the land. The process of altering the wood speaks to how something becomes pure as defined by the Bible. The trees in their natural state, which the world considered as the standard definition of pure (something that hasn’t been tainted or touched) are then cut down, altered from their pure state, and crafted into an object. This reflects how the Bible teaches that God can take something or someone that’s unclean, and un-pure and make them pure. Those who look into the Purity Mirror will not only examine their external appearance but hopefully, they will examine their own heart. Purity starts within the motives of the heart and then reflects outwardly in the external appearance.

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