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vessel of

Available in Red Oak with an oxidized finish.

Shown: Oxidized Finish on Red Oak

Dimensions: 70” h x 5 ”d x 6”w

The Vessel of Promise is handcrafted to perfection using a variety of woodworking techniques. 

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The National YoungArts Foundation, in collaboration with the Independent Curator International, presents a virtual exhibition of “do it (home)” curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist. A version of  “do it” envisioned by Obrist in 1995 and produced by ICI, “do it (home)” assembled a set of artists’ instructions that could easily be realized in one’s own home.

I created this vessel and a poem in response to Carrie Mae Weems' instruction, "Face the daily force. And remember to dream."

Face the daily force.

And remember to dream.

In every human being, there is a dream.

But the world aims to kill that dream.


The world's standards are the

daily force that we have to face.

A nagging to conform to

this artificial race.

Go to college. Get knowledge. 

Obtain a certain amount of power.

That all depends on a flimsy

piece of paper that gives honor.


But this artificial honor is the very

force that strips away the power.


The power to obtain true honor comes

through our very dreams, that the world chooses to dishonor.

-Tiarra Bell

This vessel is symbolic of facing the daily force. Each and every human being is a vessel and within each of us is contained a unique purpose. We all have certain gifts, talents, and passions that are meant to be used to complete our divine assignment. However, by conforming to this world's standards, we will never recognize what is hidden within us. All the forces of this world distract us from pulling out those precious dreams. These forces make us lose sight of the very reason why were place on this earth. This vessel is symbolic of every human being discovering the dreams placed inside of them and using their time to pull those dreams out to thus manifesting them to the world.


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