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Available in White Oak or Ash with a wax finish.

Shown: Painted Wax Finish on White Oak & Ash

Dimensions 20” h x 12”d x 8”w


The Hull Cabinet is crafted to perfection using variety of woodworking techniques

and modern technology.

I created this cabinet to embody a continuous form without hard edges or angles. This is a continuation of a previous project in which I created a mirror after exploring concepts of purity within the Bible. Departing from things that are conceptually “pure”, I wanted to explore purity in form. The carcass is oval-shaped that tapers towards the back. It contains one drawer that you pull out from the center of the carcass, which then leads to storage for storing personal items. The carcass was cut using the CNC and all other elements were made using a mixture of machinery and hand tools.

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