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Available in dyed White Oak or Ash Veneer

with a wax finish.

Shown: Dyed Wax Finish on White Oak Veneer

Dimensions 26” h x 16”d x 20”w

The Mountain Chair is carefully crafted using

bent lamination methodology.

Waking up on a flight to Milan, I witnessed the sun rising over the Swiss Alps. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, the view was so serene. Seeing this, my mind instantly went back to the Bible. I thought about what mountains symbolized and how they forever changed the lives of godly people. Mountains were a place of solitude and isolation but in that destinies were born. Moses found his destiny on a mountain, Jesus found his destiny and walked into His purpose after leaving a mountain. I created this chair representing the message behind mountains. While making this, I felt like I was on a mountain. I had feelings of isolation and solitude, but I knew that it was a catalyst that would launch me to my destiny. Interpreting my feelings, I abstracted and simplified a mountain range, then intersected the bent laminated forms to make the chair visually interesting from different perspectives. It's dyed black to represent the dark uncomfortable feelings that arise when in a lonely place.

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