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look to God

Available in Red Oak or Ash with a wax finish.

Shown: Wax Finish on White Oak

Dimensions: 18” h x 14”d x 12”w

This series was crafted to perfection using

a variety of woodworking techniques

and modern technology.

Unfortunately, there are billions of graves filled with people who never discovered their purpose. So many people waste their entire lives preoccupied with things other than their destiny. People worked 9-5 jobs all their lives but when it comes time for them to take their final breath, they still have a sense of unfulfillment and are unsure why they were placed on the earth. There are even some people who had it all, riches, fame, and success. You name it, they had it yet they still felt like they didn’t know their purpose. Even though they had it all, they were longing for something that this world couldn’t offer. 


There’s a constant nagging to conform to the world’s standards. You must go to college, get a degree, learn a certain amount of skills. You have to follow a certain path to survive and live comfortably, let alone be considered successful in this world. 


People are dropping like flies, they are dying so quickly without discovering their purpose. Everyone is following down the same path, they don’t branch off to search for their unique gift that can make a lasting impact on the world.


When you find your purpose there’s no competition because no one can walk out your purpose as you can. Your purpose is connected to your gift, and your gift is something that man can’t teach you. It comes naturally. Adam’s purpose was to tend to the garden of Eden. God simply told Adam to tend to the garden, he didn’t tell him how to tend to the garden, he just told him to tend it. Adam tended the garden, he took care of the animals but no one taught him how to do it. Why? Because that was his purpose. His purpose was to tend to the garden, his gift was being a cultivator. He cultivated the garden without any instructions because God had placed that gift inside him. Your gift is inside you but it’s your job to pull it outside of you and walk into your destiny. And the only way to find that gift is knowing who gave you that gift. That's God. The person who made the toy is the only way who can write the instruction manual. So God is the only one who can tell you what your gift is and how to use it. Therefore, look to God.

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